Jay Baruchel In Good Neighbors Trailer

I just can’t take Jay Baruchel seriously. The guy is one funny actor and I really do enjoy his comedies, but after watching the trailer for the upcoming horror film, Good Neighbors, I couldn’t help but to laugh. The movie looks ridiculously mediocre and having funny man Jay playing a more straight and narrow character seems like one horrible casting decision. I’m hoping that I am wrong and that the movie turns out good. Who knows, Jay could have what it takes to jump genres, but the horribly cut trailer isn’t doing him any favors.

Even judging the trailer on its own, without paying attention to Jay, I still think it looks rather lame. Nothing about the story really seems interesting and most of the “tension” they keep trying to build is lost between the very bland acting. I have a bad feeling that I can already guess the “twist” ending, which is never a good thing with these types of films!

Good Neighbors stars Jay Baruchel, Scott Speedman and Emily Hampshire. It looks like it will be debuting on VOD on June 24th with a theatrical release following on June 29th, 2011.

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Neighbors Spencer (Scott Speedman) and Louise (Emily Hampshire) have bonded over their fascination with a recent string of murders terrorizing their community. When a new tenant named Victor (Jay Baruchel) arrives in the building, all three quickly hit it off. But as they soon discover, each of them has their own dark secret. As the violence outside mounts, the city retreats indoors for safety. But the more time these three spend together in their apartment building, the clearer it becomes that what they once thought of as a safe haven is as dangerous as any outside terrors they could imagine. Smart dialogue, strong performances and jarring thrills give this film all the elements of a great mystery.