Jay Baruchel Confirmed For Robocop Remake

This past weekend we reported that Jackie Earle Haley was officially cast as a military tactician in the upcoming remake of RoboCop. At the same time, we also hinted that Jay Baruchel was circling an undisclosed role. Speculation immediately began as to what character Baruchel could possibly portray that would inject a little comic relief into Jose Padilha’s sci-fi re-imagining.

Well, ponder no further fellow Robocop enthusiasts. /Film is reporting that the actor has officially been confirmed to play “the head of marketing for Omnicorp, the company building the police cyborg [Robocop].” Omnicorp is also the company that Gary Oldman’s scientist character Norton works for, they are responsible for engineering the entire RoboCop project.

Baruchel himself is no stranger to the supporting gig, turning little screen time into big laughs for previous films like Knocked Up and this year’s hockey comedy Goon. As head marketing agent for the company responsible for building actor Joel Kinnaman‘s hybrid robot form, expect the funny man to throw quippy jokes our main character’s way while deciding how to advertise his groundbreaking technology to millions.

Despite his numerous supporting roles, Jay Baruchel has proven himself time and time again as an actor who can always elicit a laugh. Be it wooing Alice Eve in She’s Out Of My League or dealing with spoiled actors in Tropic Thunder, Baruchel makes a great addition to Robocop‘s already splendid cast.

What do you guys think, can Baruchel make the most of his assumed supporting role?