Jay Garrick’s Flash Will Reportedly Make His DCEU Debut In Black Adam


Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam movie is officially a go, meaning The Rock’s anti-villain is heading to the DCEU very soon. What’s more, he’ll be bringing a whole new superhero team with him. As confirmed by the star himselfBA will introduce the Justice Society of America, the Golden Age precursor to the Justice League, meaning fans can expect a host of iconic characters to make appearances in the movie alongside Johnson’s Teth-Adam.

And one of these, according to our intel, is Jay Garrick’s version of the Flash. In Scarlet Speedster lore, Garrick – recognizable for his winged metal helmet – was the original incarnation of the super-fast superhero, though his successors Barry Allen and Wally West are generally more familiar to audiences. But not for long, as We Got This Covered has heard from our sources – the same ones who said the JSA would appear in the film months ago, before Johnson confirmed it – that Garrick is set to show up in Black Adam in some capacity.

At this stage, casting details are unclear, but we’ve been told how the JSA will factor into the plot. As you would expect, the group will be on the tail of Black Adam as they plan to stop him from enacting whatever supervillain plan he’s cooking up. Previous reports have pointed to Hawkman and Stargirl also featuring in the film, with WGTC hearing that Alan Scott’s Green Lantern and Doctor Fate will be included, too, perhaps with big names playing them.

With the Justice League currently on hiatus, it seems Warner Bros. is hoping to use Black Adam to launch the Justice Society instead, with an eye to spinning off a few characters in their own standalones. This is what we’ve been informed is the plan for Hawkman and Stargirl, at least. And, remember, Black Adam will also likely lead to clashes with Superman and Shazam in sequels, so it looks set to be a very significant installment of the franchise.