Jean-Claude Van Damme’s New Action Movie Is Now On Netflix

jean claude van damme netflix

Action fans can now enjoy The Last Mercenary, Jean-Claude Van Damme’s new movie, on Netflix. 

Van Damme is one of the most iconic action stars of all time. The Belgian actor is known for classic movies like Bloodsport, Kickboxer, Universal Soldier, and Hard Target, among dozens of other appearances. Van Damme turned 60 last year, but age has only slightly slowed down the talented martial artist. 

The Last Mercenary is Van Damme’s latest movie, where he stars as a former secret service agent who must return to France to save his estranged son, falsely accused of arms and drug trafficking. Van Damme and the supporting cast will have to fight their way through an international terrorist organization if they want to clear his son’s name. 

The trailer shows Van Damme fighting through dozens of thugs with ease, often taking on multiple fighters half his age. The film also contains comedic elements reminiscent of Van Damme’s earlier movies, including what appears to be a nod to his infamous dance scene in Kickboxer


Van Damme also pulls off his trademark splits in the trailer, showing fans that he can still perform and fight. Younger fans might not realize Van Damme inspired the Mortal Kombat Johnny Cage, and his Spilt Punch move is a direct reference to a scene in Bloodsport

It is unlikely that The Last Mercenary will earn any significant awards, but it should still be a fun experience for older and new fans alike. 

The Last Mercenary is now available on Netflix.