First Look At Jeff Bridges And Ryan Reynolds In R.I.P.D.


For those who don’t recall, April 2010 is when we first received news that Ryan Reynolds would be starring in the graphic novel adaptation R.I.P.D. That was a long time ago but now, three years later, we finally have the first still from the film, which was shot in September 2011. For some reason Universal has held onto the film for all this time but now, with the July 19th release date approaching, the marketing campaign is starting to kick into gear.

Based on the Dark Horse graphic novel of the same name, the film stars Reynolds as Nick Walker, “a young cop who is murdered, and upon being sent to the after life signs up to join the Rest In Peace Department, a police force dedicated to solving crimes of the undead. Teaming up with Roy Powell (Jeff Bridges), a gun-slinging cowboy from the old west, he goes on the hunt to try and find the guy who killed him (Kevin Bacon).”

Robert Schwentke, who gave us Red, will be in the director’s chair and Mary-Louise Parker, James Hong, Mike O’Malley, Robert Knepper, and supermodel Marisa Miller are set to co-star.

While a first look image is all well and good, what we really need at this point is a trailer. With Universal releasing Oblivion next week, it would make sense that one would appear at that time, but we’ll have to wait and see if that happens.

For now, all we can do is gush over how badass Jeff Bridges looks in the image and patiently wait for some footage. With the film releasing in just a few months, it shouldn’t be long now.

Personally, I’m not too familiar with the graphic novel that the film is based on but I am a fan of the cast that’s been assembled here. It’s hard to go wrong with Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds is always charismatic and likeable, so seeing the two team up should be a treat.

What do you think of R.I.P.D. so far? Have you been waiting for as long as we have to see some footage from the film? Let us know in the comments below.

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