Jeff Goldblum carried a book of one-liners on ‘Jurassic World Dominion’


People love Jeff Goldblum, largely for the reason that he only knows how to play one type of character, which could best be summed up as… well, Jeff Goldblum.

Despite making his feature film debut all the way back in 1974, the actor is arguably more popular than he’s ever been, having ascended to become something of an internet hero. On top of that, he’s joined the biggest franchise on the planet as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Grandmaster, hosts his own Disney-backed docuseries, and will be seen this summer in not just Thor: Love and Thunder, but also Jurassic World Dominion.

A lot of fans were left disappointed by Goldblum’s brief screentime in Fallen Kingdom, but Ian Malcolm will be making amends and then some. Speaking to Empire, the 69 year-old revealed that he’s even been carrying around a book full of snappy one-liners that he’s been improvising into his scenes.

“I have a book! Oh boy, I have a ton of them. I’ll just tell you one… We’re on a computer trying to fix something or other, and somebody says, ‘Uh-oh, it’s started flashing Error 99.’ And before Mamoudou [Athie]’s character comes in and explains, I was gonna slip in, very quickly, the line, ‘Error 99? Is it Barbara Feldon?’ Now, Barbara Feldon was an agent in Get Smart, a television series from 1962 or something, who played Agent 99. So, a lot of my ideas have to do with references that are totally irrelevant and of no interest or amusement to anybody who could possibly be watching a movie, and inappropriate to the scene. But it tickled me.”

That’s about what we expected, but we’ll be very interested to see how many of Goldblum’s zingers have made it into the final cut when Jurassic World Dominion comes to theaters in June.