Jennifer Aniston Dreams Up Anna Kendrick In First Trailer For Cake


Jennifer Aniston’s career looks set to soar to even greater heights in the Friends star’s latest drama, Cake. From director Daniel Barnz comes a black, black comedy that dabbles with a string of serious issues at the heart of its story. While thus far we’ve only had a brief glimpse at a clip, thanks to The Wrap, the first full trailer is now available for your viewing pleasure.

For the pic, Aniston wrestles with weightier material than normal as leading lady, Claire Simmons. A pill-popping chronic pain sufferer, she’s an angsty character who is plagued by guilt after a young woman in her support group, Nina (Anna Kendrick), commits suicide. Following that painful incident, she becomes obsessed with Nina’s widower (Sam Worthington) and soon after Nina’s ghost pops up (like Alan Rickman in Truly, Madly, Deeply) to offer advice.

Juggling a central topic that’s a debilitating fact of life for many alongside Claire’s glib outlook, the trailer promotes both the darkness and light of our modern existence. Cake looks to be a truly unique picture, with some critics citing Aniston’s turn as a career best. The fact that the actress rid herself of her usual flawless make-up, pristine hairstyle and fashionable togs, speaks volumes of the type of drama that’s in store.

It’s no secret that the Academy often proffers to actors who change their normal physical appearance so that they’re practically unrecognizable. If early word on her performance is to be believed, then there’s a chance Aniston could be delivering a Charlize Theron-Monster type of performance. You know, the type that wins the Oscar for Best Actress.

Cake will open in a limited-run only for the first week of December before its widespread release in January.