Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt’s Astronaut Love Story Passengers Nears Greenlight

Pratt Lawrence

Thanks to the monstrous (Indominus?) success of Jurassic World this past weekend, Sony is mulling giving the greenlight to a percolating astronaut tale starring Hollywood’s most bankable new superstars: Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.

Dubbed Passengersthe film will be directed by Academy Award nominee Morten Tyldum (The Imitation Game), and center around a love story between two astronauts aboard a spacecraft where the rest of the crew is locked in suspended animation.

The film is a bit of a risk for Sony, considering it’s an original IP and not capable of becoming a tentpole franchise, but with two popular stars and a solid director in place, it could be a big hit for the studio. In order to match Pratt and Lawrence’s ever-growing schedules, the film will need to start shooting this fall. The original budget was proposed at around $117 million (with Lawrence earning about $20m and Pratt $10m), but with some trimming, that number could come down to about $100 million and serve as less of a gamble.

Money concerns aside, this sounds like a great project for Pratt and Lawrence and is the type of original concept that is so desperately needed in today’s franchise-saturated climate. And with the sudden upswing in high profile, character-driven astronaut pics like Gravity and The Martian, Passengers could be a welcome addition to the genre.

Source: Deadline