Could Jennifer Lawrence Be Strapping On The Proton Pack For The Ghostbusters Reboot?


Paul Feig’s take on supernatural comedy franchise, Ghostbusters, doesn’t even have a completed script yet, but speculation surrounding who will bag a role is at fever pitch. The reboot is slated to kickstart the series with an entirely new all-female cast and story, leaving the first two instalments as is, and introducing a new generation of moviegoers to the magic of spook huntin’. With no confirmed cast members at this time, it’s no surprise that the entire world has thrown in their two cents on which actresses should be strapping on proton packs.

During an MTV interview (via CBM), Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence – among many other starry names – was grilled on who she would select for the honour. In a most surprising turn, she revealed that she had in fact met with Feig over dinner to discuss the possibility of an appearance:

“I actually met with the director. I had dinner with him. Yeah I sure did… I will never cross the streams.”

It’s far from a guarantee that The Hunger Games star will appear, but this bit of news still lets us in on the type of actress Feig is interested in snagging. Lawrence’s name now joins a list of actresses who have engaged in discussions with the director. Yesterday, we brought you the news that Rebel Wilson has also chatted with her Bridesmaids director concerning a role. Jokingly playing it off, she admitted that the script isn’t yet complete but that the idea of appearing in the movie was so phenomenal that she’d even do it for free.

As for now, the video featuring Elizabeth Banks, Julianne Moore, Andy Serkis, Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain and more, is worth a watch. Who knows, if Feig is courting multiple names with the hopes of finding his ideal quartet for the Ghostbusters reboot, he might discover some inspiration right here! The fact that the project has stirred up such excitement amongst Hollywood’s biggest players is exciting enough and we can certainly hope that an official announcement will be on the way soon.