Jennifer Lopez And Viola Davis Are Vengeful Mothers In Lila And Eve Trailer

What happens when you pair an Oscar nominee and a Razzie winner? A perfectly ordinary film, from the sound of it.

Lila and Eve screened at the Sundance Film Festival last year, but no one really seemed to notice, which was somewhat surprising given that Viola Davis and Jennifer Lopez held the lead roles. Now, the pic has been set for release on July 17, and as that date draws closer, the first trailer for the movie has arrived, promising an unusual take on the revenge thriller genre.

Davis and Lopez star as Lila and Eve, two mothers who have lost their children. When the murderer of Lila’s son goes unpunished, the pair take it upon themselves to track down the killer, putting a serious dent in the ranks of a local drug ring along the way.

Here’s the official synopsis:

A tense and exciting film, LILA AND EVE is directed by Charles Stone III (DRUMLINE), and tells the story of Lila (Academy Award® Nominee Viola Davis), a grief-stricken mother who in the aftermath of her son’s murder in a drive-by shooting attends a support group where she meets Eve (Jennifer Lopez), who has lost her daughter. When Lila hits numerous roadblocks from the police in bringing justice for her son’s slaying, Eve urges Lila to take matters into her own hands to track down her son’s killers. The two women soon embark on a violent pursuit of justice, as they work to the top of the chain of drug dealers to avenge the murder of Lila’s son. A bold and provocative take on the morals of American society.

Charles Stone III sat behind the camera for the Samuel Goldwyn project, which also stars Shea Whigham, Julius Tennon, Ron Caldwell, and Aml Ameen.

Lila and Eve opens July 17.