Jeremy Irons Discusses Alfred’s Involvement In Justice League


Despite having its sequel pushed back, excitement continues to build for Justice League, the first big screen outing for DC’s premier superhero team. And like any good adaptation, the supporting characters that make this universe tick will be represented in kind.

One such notable stalwart is that of Alfred Pennyworth, Batman’s trusted butler and keeper of his inner sanctum, brilliantly played by Jeremy Irons. Coming Soon recently caught up with the veteran actor and asked if the divisive response to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice altered his performance in Justice League in any way, to which Irons replied:

“No, Alfred is a stickler for staying the same. He tries to modulate everybody else. In a very gentle, English way he tries to deal with these people who can do all these extraordinary things in a very calm way, a very grounded way. He does not modulate at all. He sometimes lets Bruce Wayne out a bit on the lead, but he’s still attached.”

Quite frankly, we wouldn’t expect anything to the contrary. Despite BvS being a bit too dark for some moviegoers, it could be said that Alfred brought several moments of levity with his signature wit. It’s important that the intrinsic qualities of the character never be strayed from, regardless of any course corrections in tone and it seems that Irons thankfully realizes this.

What remains to be seen, however, is how his interaction with the other Leaguers will go. While he may not share the same hilarious banter with Ezra Miller’s interpretation of the Flash that was seen in the classic three-part episode of the Justice League animated series titled “Starcrossed,” we can still keep our fingers crossed.

Justice League arrives in theatres on November 17th, 2017.