Jeremy Irons Promises A More “Hands-On” Alfred In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Actors Irons and Gedeck pose during a photocall to promote the movie "Night Train to Lisbon" at the 63rd Berlinale International Film Festival in Berlin

When Zack Snyder began to fill the roles for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, much attention (read: misguided hate) was directed towards a few cast members in particular, such as Ben Affleck as Batman and The Social Network‘s Jesse Eisenberg as the villainous Lex Luthor. But one casting choice that slipped under the radar was that of Jeremy Irons as Bruce Wayne’s trusty companion, Alfred Pennyworth.

And while his part in the ensemble film remains shrouded in mystery, Irons did offer up some details on his rendition of Master Wayne’s butler in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, revealing that it doesn’t resemble that of Michael Gough or, more recently, Michael Caine’s portrayal.

“He is quite a different Alfred than we have seen so far. Zack Snyder had very clear views about what he wanted… I would just say he’s more hands-on perhaps than just a butler.”

Although we expected Snyder’s rendition to deviate from those that have come before it, it’s still refreshing to note that Dawn of Justice‘s Alfred will be comparatively original — but what could Irons possibly mean by more hands-on? Either way, there was a caveat to the actor’s statement, after he confirmed that his part in the superhero sequel is a minor one.

That’s hardly surprising given the ever-growing casting list, and considering that the film has to seed the events of an array of standalone efforts, perhaps limiting Irons’ screen time and, subsequently, the movie’s running time, is the best course of action.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will act as the first domino in DC’s cinematic masterplan when it swoops into theaters on March 25, 2016. In the meantime, tell us, what do you think Irons is alluding to when he says Alfred will be more hands-on this time around? Let us know below.