Jeremy Renner Feels Pretty In French Poster For The Immigrant, Plus New Image


After unleashing volleys of arrows as Hawkeye in The Avengers, Jeremy Renner is introducing the “smoky eye” for director James Gray in the new French poster for period drama The Immigrant, which you can check out below along with a new image from the film.

The Immigrant, which debuted at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, finds Renner portraying an exceptionally stylish illusionist named Orlando the Magician in 1920s New York.

In the film, Orlando crosses paths with Polish immigrant Ewa Cybulski (Marion Cotillard), who has been forced into prostitution in the seedy underbelly of Manhattan by Orlando’s charming brother Bruno (Joaquin Phoenix). Enamored with Ewa, Orlando agrees to help the woman escape Bruno’s clutches and reunite with her sickly sister Magda (Angela Sarafyan).

Renner certainly looks the part, and the French poster communicates the vibrant, colorful feel of the Roaring Twenties quite well. In the new image from the film, which features Cotillard and Phoenix, Cotillard is also dressed quite theatrically, though Phoenix appears suitably dark and menacing for his antagonistic role.

There are reportedly two other character posters on the way, but Renner’s close-up is an intriguing angle for the film to take from a marketing perspective. The actor is definitely well-respected for his roles in The Hurt Locker and The Town, but whether he’s a box-office draw by himself is less certain. Luckily, with Cotillard and Phoenix also starring, he won’t need to worry about his star power in The Immigrant.

The film is scheduled to make its debut in France later this year, though Radius TWC has yet to set an American release date.

Will you go see The Immigrant? Based on initial glimpses of this film and its supremely talented cast, do you think that it could be a potential awards contender at next year’s Oscars? Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. Jennysays:

    Marion and Joaquin are fantastic and will always draw in discerning film fans. James Gray has his loyal fans too, but in terms of box ofice the combined draw is limited. It may well be true that Renner is not a reliable box office draw on his own, but he does have a lot of fans who would never have considered the Immigrant without him. Add to that the possibility of references on the American Hustle promotional tour and the curiosity factor of seeing Renner as a romantic character in make up; it all adds up and makes sense from a marketing point of view.

  2. GraceLsays:

    Despite how some people may report it, Renner’s last five
    films have all seriously banked at the box office, even ones that he’s
    headlined but were not critically acclaimed; I feel like it’s less that he’s
    unreliable in box office draw, just that the verdict is still out. He does have a fairly large fan base too; I’ll admit he’s the main enticement for me to see this film, especially in such charismatic, romantic role and with some acclaim for it. Curiosity factor—agreed, and good timing with the early buzz for type-breaking he’s getting from American Hustle. Out of the three stars in the film, I feel he has the most commercial draw too (I can’t picture Phoenix in anything BUT emotionally exhausting, indie, dramatic roles these days, and Cotillard allegedly still struggles with being categorized as a “French actress” and not a “Hollywood actress”—Cannes words, not mine). I have a feeling Gray could care less about the box office success, but I agree that Renner isn’t the worst way to start a movie campaign, especially for such a tiny film, even though his role is apparently small and supporting.

    I find it interesting that Cotillard’s poster has already hit Europe, but Renner’s is the first to be reported on in the states as well as Europe. Hers is beautiful too. I really can’t wait to see this film; I hope it gets proper release.

    1. Alpha Flyersays:

      I suppose that’s a question of how you define “tanked” (I assume that’s what you meant). Counting backwards by release dates, JR’s last five films are “Hansel & Gretel”, which grossed $200m+ world wide and was green-lighted for a sequel (I doubt he’ll be involved); Bourne Legacy, with $276m world-wide, also green-lighted for a sequel; the Avengers, $1.5b plus and the third-highest grossing film of all time; Mission Impossible with nearly $700m; and The Town, at +$150m.

      Now, I grant you that he headlined only the first two, and probably not many people — other than perhaps myself — went to see MI4 and The Avengers mostly because Jeremy Renner was in them. The figures do get skewed downwards if you include his pre-Hurt Locker indie work. But that’s hardly fair, since those were done before he enjoyed name recognition in the US, or any other, market.

      It is, however, clear — as you note — that in the opinion of US distributors, he is considered the greater box office draw of the three stars of “Immigrant”. I look forward to “Immigrant,” “American Hustle” and “Kill the Messenger” — all movies with the potential to really showcase the talent of this amazing actor, regardless of the relative size of his role.

      1. GraceLsays:

        Hi alpha– I agree with you, sorry for the confusion with my wording. I meant “banked,” like “banked piles of money” and were successes! I think his last 5 movies all hit number 1 at the box office, with some even staying there for a few weeks. So yes–Def not tanked, which to me implies massive underperforming. Sorry for the mix up! You nailed the box office quota tho–not bad at all for an actor with such incredible talent to boot

  3. Zea Mariesays:

    wow Isaac! “Feels Pretty”? That’s the best you can do to introduce a 1920’s film about Immigration to America? Sure, Renner plays a Vaudevillian magician and stage make up was the standard (even carrying over into the Silent Films), but to use ‘Feels Pretty’ to get clicks is just cheesy!

    Marion’s poster is in the same era style and is being used in Europe where this film is being distributed to wider markets. Marion is the draw in Europe, where Renner is the draw here. Although you seem to be unaware, TWC is very aware that Renner draws the box office Internationally, even Hansel and Gretel is in the top 5% of money makers this year.

    Come on Isaac you’re better than this!

    1. Bleekersays:


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