Jeremy Renner Hints That He’ll Stick Around The MCU After Avengers 4


It’s funny to think that with everything set to happen in Infinity War and Avengers 4, and all the heroes/villains who are confirmed to appear, the individual who’s been generating the most buzz lately is Jeremy Renner and more specifically, his character Hawkeye. Though the actor has played the role since 2011’s Thor, Clint Barton has never been a particularly important figure in the MCU and has often been sidelined in favor of giving some of the bigger heroes, like Iron Man, Cap, Thor, etc., the spotlight.

But come this May, that’ll all change and that’s due to the fact that Hawkeye will be undergoing a drastic change, ditching his current alias and becoming Ronin. Or at least, that’s what we’ve been led to believe thanks to countless set photos, videos and rumors. In other words, it’s all but confirmed at this point. One thing that we know for certain, however, is that Renner has now wrapped production on both Avengers films, and took to Instagram to post a special message to his fans.

Check it out below, and see if you notice anything especially interesting about what he says:

Did you catch that? The actor begins his message by saying, “So, this is not a goodbye, only a see you later,” which in and of itself isn’t exactly a quote to stop the presses. But as they so often do, Marvel fans have already begun speculating that Renner is dropping a hint here, telling us that he’s not done with the MCU just yet and that Avengers 4 won’t be his final appearance in the franchise.

Again, chalk that up as speculation for now and given that the studio has announced basically nothing about their post-Phase 3 plans, we have no idea if/when we’ll see Hawkeye again once Joe and Anthony Russo’s larger than life blockbusters have come and gone. That being said, Renner has been quite vocal about having a solo film for his character one day and with the change to Ronin on the horizon, it seems that there’s still a lot left to explore with this particular hero. Which is to say that we wouldn’t count on his time in the MCU being finished after Avengers 4.

What do you think, though? Is the actor hinting at something here? Or are fans reading too much into things? As always, drop your thoughts in the usual place down below.