Jeremy Renner Says A Black Widow/Hawkeye Spinoff Movie “Makes Sense”


Out of all the purported Marvel spinoffs currently in the mix, one that has arguably fallen by the wayside is a spinoff revolving around Clint Barton (AKA Hawkeye), with the most recent report claiming that Jeremy Renner’s sharpshooter could be headed to Netflix.

That was back in March, long before Renner’s appearance in Captain America: Civil War, and while the actor fully admits that chances for a Hawkeye spinoff are slim, it’s something that he’d still love to do – particularly if it was built as a team-up movie featuring Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow. Chatting to Metro (via Edmonton Sun), Jeremy Renner teases the potential of a standalone pic, one that could flip the characters’ weaknesses (i.e. their lack of superpowers) and make it the film’s greatest strength.

I always thought it would make sense early on to do a Hawkeye/Widow movie because they’re quite similar – they don’t have powers, have high skill sets, and have history together, but I don’t think there are any discussions about that happening. I’d love to do it, though.

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Alas, as Renner points out, it would have made sense to engineer a Hawkeye/Widow solo movie early on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, at a time when there were ultimately fewer characters and a more grounded, Earth-based story. But at 14 films in, and with Doctor Strange expanding the scope into the Quantum Realm and beyond, there’s only so much wiggle room on Marvel’s stacked slate for future projects. Does that mean both Renner and Johansson will get the short shrift?

Not necessarily. Out of the two former agents, Johansson’s Black Widow is seemingly closer to landing her own solo pic, after the actress herself admitted that she’d be game for such a spinoff “under the right circumstances.” Heck, it’s a proposed feature that could well lure writer-director Joss Whedon back to the MCU.

But at least for now, any potential standalone pics revolving around either Black Widow or Hawkeye – or both! – remain on the back-burner at Marvel. If that were to change though, what would you like to see from a Renner/Johansson team-up movie? Sound off down below and let us know!

Source: Screen Rant