Jeremy Renner Will Star In Mission Impossible 4

According to /Film, Jeremy Renner, most well known for his role in The Hurt Locker, will star alongside Tom Cruise in the upcoming film, Mission Impossible 4. After the disappointing performance of Tom Cruise’s last film, Knight and Day, the studio decided that Cruise’s character in Mission Impossible 4 wouldn’t have the entire movie revolve around him.

In choosing Renner, the studio hopes to have someone that can carry on the series should Cruise’s role diminish even further. Not much is known about Renner’s role but he will have a part that is equal to or maybe even bigger than Cruise’s.

Other actors that were considered for the role include Anthony Mackie, Tom Hardy, Kevin Zegers and Chris Pine. The studio eventually settled on Renner though and I think they made the right choice.

Renner is a solid actor who has a few big roles coming up, including a part in the new Avengers film. He was great in The Hurt Locker and although I feel that both Hardy and Pine could have been just as good choices, I don’t think Renner will dissapoint.

What do you think?