Jessica Alba And Jason Statham Engage In Fisticuffs In Latest Mechanic: Resurrection Clip


Throughout the early ’00s, British actor Jason Statham found his calling with a string of pulse-pounding, balls-to-the-wall action franchises that ranged from The Transporter to the frankly ludicrous Crank. The former has found new life without The Stath at the core, though Refuelled struggled to make much of a dent at the international box office late last year.

Hoping to prove that Jason Statham still has enough star power in the tank to get bums on seats, Summit Entertainment is on the verge of launching Mechanic: Resurrection into theaters, and to drum up excitement, the latest clip has now tumbled onto the interwebs.

It heralds the return of Arthur Bishop (Statham), a man drawn back to a life he thought he left behind – that old chestnut – where his future is soon put under threat. Complicating matters is series newcomer Jessica Alba as Gina, a sharp and mysterious woman who, as we see from today’s clip, isn’t averse to throwing a punch or two herself.

Whether it’s considered a reboot, revival or sequel – or indeed all three – Summit Entertainment has aligned Mechanic: Resurrection for theatrical release on August 26. We Are the Night director Dennis Gansel is calling the shots behind the lens.


Arthur Bishop [Jason Statham] returns as the Mechanic in the sequel to the 2011 action thriller. When the deceitful actions of a cunning but beautiful woman [Jessica Alba] force him to return to the life he left behind, Bishop’s life is once again in danger as he has to complete an impossible list of assassinations of the most dangerous men in the world.