Jessica Alba Goes Crazy In Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Clip, Plus New Photos

sin city

I’m beyond excited for August’s Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, in which Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez return to the seedy locale of their stylized 2006 noir hit. The flick looks completely awesome, with the addition of talented actors like Eva Green and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, along with returning faves like Jessica Alba and Mickey Rourke. One thing that has been a little tricky for the film’s marketing department to nail down, however, is exactly how Sin City: A Dame To Kill For is going to feel.

In the second clip from the movie, we see Alba’s stripper Nancy Callahan seething after the death of her longtime mentor and protector John Hartigan (Bruce Willis). There’s definitely a lot of style going on in the clip, but it feels oddly slight. Perhaps we’ll need to wait until the R-rated version hits screens to see whether the pulpy, comic-book-esque appearance of the original Sin City has been successfully replicated.

Two new images from the film, showing Jamie Chung’s Miho and Rosario Dawson’s Gail, have also landed online today, and you can check those out above and below, along with the clip.

In addition to Green, Gordon-Levitt, Alba, Rourke, Chung, Willis and Dawson, the sequel features a bevy of promising stars including Jude Ciccolella, Powers Boothe, Clive Owen, Dennis Haysbert, Marton Csokas, Juno Temple, Ray Liotta, Stacy Keach, Christopher Meloni, Lady Gaga, Jeremy Piven and Crystal McCahill.

It will feature four new stories contained within Miller’s Sin City universe. There’s “The Fat Loss,” an original story written for the film, which finds Nancy looking for revenge after Hartigan’s death (the clip below is evidently from that). “A Dame to Kill For” focuses on what happens when Dwight (Josh Brolin) is enlisted by former flame Ava Lord (Green) to get her out of an abusive marriage. “Just Another Saturday Night” finds Marv (Rourke) waking up surrounded by many dead bodies and attempting to figure out how he got there, and “The Long Bad Night,” another story written exclusively for the film, follows a cocky gambler named Johnny (Gordon-Levitt) who, while on a mission to take down one of Sin City’s biggest crooks, encounters a stripper named Marcy (Julia Garner).

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For opens on August 22nd.