Jessica Chastain In Talks For Mission: Impossible 5

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Hot off the news that Jessica Chastain will be playing Marilyn Monroe in Andrew Dominik’s Blonde, we’re now hearing that the much in-demand actress is wanted for Mission: Impossible 5. Though not confirmed, the report comes from Schmoes Know, who have a decent track record when it comes to scoops. According to them, the role is unspecified, but it would definitely be the female lead.

So far, we don’t know a whole lot about the next instalment in the successful action franchise. What’s been confirmed already is that Christopher McQuarrie is set to direct, and Drew Pearce will pen the script. Tom Cruise will of course be starring, and the actor will be producing alongside J.J. Abrams. Add Chastain into that line-up and you have a very impressive group of talent behind the film.

The Schmoes mention that they’d love to see Jessica Chastain play a fellow agent, and I have to agree. I think she’d be awesome in a role that gives her the chance to show off her physical side and get in on the action. Hopefully the studio won’t sideline her as some damsel in distress, as I really think that the actress could make for a kick-ass agent fighting alongside Cruise’s Ethan Hunt.

Tell us, do you want to see Jessica Chastain take the female lead in Mission: Impossible 5? Sound off below!

Source: Schmoes Know