Jessica Chastain’s Villain Will Battle All The X-Men At Once In Dark Phoenix


Once upon a time, we would’ve already seen the X-Men return to the screen in Dark Phoenix last month but, after a bunch of delays, we’re still half a year away from watching what could end up being the last entry in the longest-running superhero film franchise around, what with Disney due to hoover up 20th Century Fox and hand the rights to the X-Men back to Marvel Studios.

At least by the sounds of it though, the franchise will go out with a bang. While speaking at the CCPX 2018 presentation for Dark Phoenix, Jessica Chastain teased that her mysterious villain gets to fight all the X-Men at once in the movie. We’re going to guess this exciting-sounding action scene takes place in the third act, much like how the mutant heroes came together to battle En-Sabah-Nur in Apocalypse.

Though not a huge revelation, it’s still nice to find out something about Chastain’s character, as so little has been revealed about her. Initially, we were led to believe she was playing Lilandra, empress of the Shi’Ar alien race. However, the actress herself dashed this theory. Then, it was said that she could be playing a Skrull, in a rare instance of Fox and Marvel sharing the species (the Skrulls will also appear in Captain Marvel). That trail’s also gone quiet of late, though.

In terms of her role in the movie, it seems that the villain will be a subtle one, manipulating the vulnerable and super-powerful Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) into unleashing her inner Phoenix for her own unknown reasons. The trailer teased that her actions will tear the team apart, too, with one of the heroes dying and the rest splitting into two sides – as usual, with Professor X (James McAvoy) on one side, Magneto (Michael Fassbender) on the other.

Also starring Jennifer Lawrence, Tye Sheridan, Nicholas Hoult and others, Dark Phoenix will finally hit cinemas on June 7th, 2019.