Krysten Ritter Keen On Possible Jessica Jones/Black Panther Crossover


Is Marvel’s private eye plotting a course for Wakanda? Krysten Ritter certainly hopes so.

The Jessica Jones actress recently spoke to Teen Vogue (h/t Reddit) about the show’s second season, and what it was like to return to the streets of Hell’s Kitchen so soon after The Defenders – a street-level crossover which may prove to be a one-off, after all.

All in all, the end result was a strong, if bloated second installment of Jessica Jones (our review), though Ritter is already dreaming about a possible crossover with the leading ladies of Black Panther. Asked who she’d like to share the screen with next, the actress name-dropped Panther‘s remarkable ensemble cast without a second’s hesitation.

The whole Black Panther cast and all of the girls.

While admirable, it’s unlikely that Krysten Ritter’s dream crossover will ever come to fruition. Ever since Marvel and Netflix struck a deal for its superhero slate – a slate comprised of Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist – we’ve learned time and time again that the two franchises have been placed on separate tracks, even if they technically inhabit the same universe. In short, don’t get your hopes up.

Besides, Jessica Jones, as a series, is performing just fine over on Netflix, and we found the second season to be a powerful return to form for the functioning alcoholic titular detective, even if it struggled to replace David Tennant’s sneering Kilgrave: “[JJ] season 2 delves deeper into the past of its hero than ever before, propelled by Krysten Ritter’s brooding but compelling lead performance,” read our review.

Next to tumble off the Marvel/Netflix production line is Luke Cage season 2 on June 22nd, while we understand Kevin Feige and the Powers That Be over at Marvel Studios are already making headway on their sequel to Black Panther.

Source: Teen Vogue