Sterile New Posters For Jigsaw Raise Awareness For A Good Cause


For a horror series renown for its grotesque, toe-curling deaths, Lionsgate’s Saw series actually helps save a lot of lives.

Since the franchise first flickered into life in 2004, the Saw Blood Drive has been a time-honored tradition that encourages film fans to donate blood at various locations across the United States, and it’ll be returning next month to commemorate the release of Jigsaw.

Coming by way of Daybreakers duo Michael and Peter Spierig, Jigsaw is a horror sequel that raises some reasonable question marks over Saw: The Final Chapter‘s evocative, and seemingly conclusive title. Nevertheless, John Kramer is back – or, at least, his disciples are back – for a horror spiel involving sick, twisted traps and mutilated corpses. Wanna’ play a game?

As for the Jigsaw Blood Drive, those brave participants who donate blood for what is undoubtedly a great cause will receive a free ticket to bear witness to Jigsaw’s reign of terror on October 27th.

Jigsaw is bringing back the iconic Blood Drive to save more lives than ever. Donate blood at any mobile Jigsaw Blood Drive around the country and receive a free ticket to see Jigsaw in theaters October 27th, courtesy of Lionsgate and Atom Tickets.

As we alluded to before, this is a campaign that stretches all the way back to 2004, and to give budding donors an inkling of what to expect, Lionsgate has summoned a series of suitably sterile character posters designed to showcase the nurses.

The Saw Blood Drive has been a tradition since the first Saw movie became a record-breaking franchise in 2004. Past campaigns have showcased vintage nurses as the blood drive ambassadors. Public support has been overwhelming, leading to incredible participation and real lives saved.

Featuring a script by Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg (Piranha 3D), Jigsaw will lay claim to Halloween once Michael and Peter Spierig’s horror sequel lights up theaters on October 27th. That’s a release date it currently shares with the second season of Stranger Things, proving that horror fans needn’t worry about a lack of content this Halloween season.

Source: Lionsgate

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