Jigsaw Brings The Pain With Two New TV Spots


When the Saw franchise was in the midst of its original seven-film run, many moviegoers were complaining of being fatigued, which was actually quite understandable. Even as somebody who viewed the series as an episodic serial that delivered one installment per year, I can at least find validity in the gripe saying that perhaps not enough space was put between in each offering. Truth be told, the same argument could be aimed at the Paranormal Activity franchise, but that’s a conversation for another day.

Having said that, I’m willing to give Lionsgate’s Jigsaw a viewing. I mean, you probably gathered that I’m a fan from the above paragraph, so it’s only to be expected that anyone such as myself who’s invested that much time in something is more than likely willing to see where the story goes next. Plus, it does look pretty good from what we’ve seen of it so far.

Of course, the filmmakers have been holding their cards as close to the vest as humanly possible when it comes to plot details, no doubt not wanting us to have any hint of whatever game-changing twist is to be witnessed near the film’s conclusion. Still, the marketing machine has given us much to speculate on, especially with all this “Cult of Jigsaw” jazz that fuels the theory of a copycat being at play.

But with the cinematic release now being within reach, TV spots are slowly being dropped, with the latest two – “Tips” and “Live or Die” – raising the question as to whether John Kramer is back from the grave. Personally, I more so dig the second because it does a better job of playing up the tension and suspense, but that’s just me. Check them out for yourself and see what you think.

Jigsaw opens in theaters on October 27th.