Jigsaw Is Looking For New Victims In Saw 8


Would you like to play a game? Again? For, like, the 8th time?

Apparently jealous of Paranormal Activity‘s recent reign of the Halloween box office, Lionsgate is finally ready to bring their once powerhouse Saw franchise back into contention for October horror glory, challenging Oren Peli’s deteriorating franchise with a brand new set of torturous deaths. With the Saw franchise being one of the most financially fruitful cinematic franchises of all time, can we actually be that surprised?

Just to curb everyone’s expectations, this is coming straight from the very trusted source Bloody Disgusting, a horror fan’s go-to site for everything genre related, who have their own sources reporting the following information:

While there’s nothing official on paper, nor a direction set in stone, Lionsgate is incredibly active in developing an eighth Saw, based on the franchise created by James Wan and Leigh Whannell, sources tell Bloody Disgusting exclusively.

Do I trust these guys? Yes. I do. 100%. I can’t really remember a time when they’ve been wrong, and they’re usually the first to actually shoot rumors down, so take this news not with a grain of salt, but with a teaspoon of sugar. You damn well better believe Lionsgate wants to capitalize on the absolute lack of Halloween season horror movies, which was at a disappointing low this year. The only real flick horror fans had in 2013 was Carrie, which was kind of a letdown.

BD went on to explain that Lionsgate isn’t rushing the process, as they want the best treatment possible before they move forward. Ideas of a remake were thrown around, but now it sounds like they’re looking at doing a direct sequel – yes, a Saw 8. If I had to pick one, the sequel is a much better route, because Saw still came out relatively recently. James Wan’s franchise-sparking indie hit holds up against any horror movie created since, and it’s not like the graphic effects are outdated – just keep the momentum rolling and let Jigsaw claim some new victims!

I’m going to take a stance here and say that I absolutely want to see another Saw movie. Seriously, say what you want about “torture porn” horror flicks being nothing but sick, twisted, demented pleasure, but Paranormal Activity 4 absolutely shit the bed, and if this year’s slate of Halloween releases (or lack thereof) is any indication of what horror fans can expect moving forward, there’s no reason why this guilty pleasure franchise can’t return to glory once again. Let’s go Jigsaw, enough of these lackluster October months since you’ve gone – it’s time to play that deadly game once again.

So what do you think – is Lionsgate making the right choice by moving ahead with a Saw 8, or will we all be the victims of another cash-in horror sequel?