Jim Carrey Chipped His Tooth Again For Dumb And Dumber To


Showing the kind of intestinal fortitude with which the name “Jim Carrey” is now synonymous with, the actor once again plunged into the breach of amatuer dentistry and displayed the new, HD-ready digitally rendered 3D retro-fitted signature tooth chip that his character Lloyd Christmas will sport in the upcoming Farrelly brothers sequel Dumb and Dumber To. To create this cinematic icon, Carrey merely removed his pre-existing tooth cap, a remnant from a grisly injury in his childhood. He displayed the results in a post on WhoSay (where else?):


As you can see, the photograph is copyright Jim Carrey, lest any of you plan on impressing vulnerable women/Lloyd Christmas groupies on dating websites. The tooth chip is stupid on a whole other level, in that for all the years that have passed since the original, Christmas has neglected to do anything about it. He truly is dumb, or, maybe he’s less vain than the rest of us. Maybe the chipped tooth isn’t a cheap signifier of Lloyd’s stupidity. Maybe it’s an indication of his desire to seek deeper truths in the world, truths that may hide themselves beneath the surface. Maybe it’s a message that we should search for deeper meaning, and not be happy with what is only surface deep. Maybe, with his chipped tooth, he is holding a mirror to us all, revealing our own chips, much deeper chips, chips that we keep hidden away. The chips in our heart.

No story for Dumb and Dumber To as yet, but you can certainly expect more news on this important sequel, when we eventually stop crying. With the irrascible Farrelly brothers helming a script from Sex Drive and She’s Out of My League writers Sean Anders and John Morris, you can certainly expect to be taken on an emotional journey: one lasting roughly an hour and a half.