J.J. Abrams Dishes Details On New Lightsaber In Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Prior to accepting the Visionary Award at last night’s Visual Effects Society Awards, J.J. Abrams took a moment to discuss one particular aspect of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It has to be said; Abrams listens to his audience. During an interview with the folks over at Collider, the filmmaker offered up his thoughts on the varied responses he’s received since the film’s teaser bowed in December.

To get specific – he has heard your cries of woe/joy/indifference toward the new style of lightsaber that’s sparked a wealth of discussion online. Fans of the sci-fi series have quarrelled over its technical efficacy, its aesthetic design and whether or not it could actually kill a person.

Here’s what Abrams had to say:

“I will say that what’s been funny is, since the lightsaber’s come out, I cannot tell you how many contradictory emails I have received from people who have both defended it with unbelievably detailed graphics…I’ve gotten things that are nuts, and I’ve gotten people who’ve shown how it’ll kill you and how it doesn’t make any sense. It’s been the funniest thing to see the arguments that have developed over this thing.”

He went on to assure fans that he and his team spent a considerable chunk of time perfecting the weapon. In case you thought its new design was an accident:

“It was a number of conversations [that led to the design]. It was a sketch that became a whole thing and, you know, this was not done without a lot of conversation and it’s fun to see people have the conversation that we had, but in reverse.”

Abrams also confirmed he would be executive producing Episodes 8 and 9, with Looper‘s Rian Johnson taking over directorial duties on the former. The rest of the interview is worth a watch in full – which you can do at the top of the page- as Abrams discusses the use of CG in the movie, when and where we can expect a new trailer and a little tidbit about Star Trek 3.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens arrives in theaters on December 18th.

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