JK Rowling blasts activists for doxxing her, internet claps back

Over recent years, JK Rowling has become a controversial figure over comments she made in 2020 that were deemed offensive by the transgender community. Since then, the Harry Potter author has been the subject of much criticism. Recently, a group of transgender activists arrived at her home in the United Kingdom and posted pictures of them standing in front of it.

Rowling came out and blasted the activists for posting her address online for everybody to see. However, she did not garner too much sympathy online, as many Twitter users pointed to the fact that finding her address wasn’t too difficult to figure out due to her status as one of the most famous people in the world.

One person on Twitter pointed out that it’s not exactly a secret among Rowling’s community where she lives.

The fact that she’s called attention to the issue will only likely make more people knowledgeable of where she lives. Rowling identified Holly Stars, Richard Energy, and Georgia Frost as the individuals who took the photos. She also claimed that she’s been the subject of many abusive messages, including death threats.

Stars has deleted her Twitter page but claimed that she also received many abusive messages before taking down the photos, according to the Daily Mail. It appears that this situation has drawn ire from many sides. Stars wasn’t the only one to take her account down⏤Energy and Frost appear to have also deleted their social media pages as well.

Rowling revealed on Twitter that she has involved the police in the matter, so it will be a situation to watch.