J.K. Simmons To Narrate Jason Reitman’s Young Adult

Of late, character actor J.K. Simmons has made a career in appearing in small parts for well established directors. Most prolifically with writer/director Jason Reitman, he has appeared in every film that Reitman has directed and also produced and with Reitman’s new film, it won’t be much different. Simmons revealed to ComingSoon.net that he is set to narrate Reitman’s next film Young Adult.

Not unlike True Grit with the Coen Brothers, you will not see me in Young Adult but you will hear me. They asked me to do the voice-over when they were in post-production and then Jason asked me to do the voice-over in Young Adult, because at this point, I’m his good luck charm. I’ve been in every feature he’s directed.

Young Adult sees a new collaboration between Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody who worked together on Juno (which Reitman directed) and Jennifer’s Body (which Reitman produced). Both were written by Cody and both starred J.K. Simmons in brief but integral roles. Simmons also appeared in the brilliant Thank You For Smoking briefly as Aaron Eckhart’s boss and was one of the number of the people fired in Up in the Air, where Simmons steals the movie in a brilliantly moving scene.

Young Adult is about a female writer who comes back home to stalk her ex-boyfriend who is now married with a whole new life. It stars Charlize Theron, Patrick Wilson and Patton Oswalt.