Watch Joaquin Phoenix Stroll Away From A Crime Scene In New Joker Set Video


As new footage and pics continue to surface from the set of the upcoming Joker movie, we can start to form an idea of how one particular sequence will play out in next year’s release. With this new video, we now have another piece in that puzzle.

Previously, we’ve seen a clip of chaos unfolding in the Gotham subway, where a mob dressed in clown masks is witnessed attacking the wealthy Thomas Wayne. As this confusion continues, Arthur Fleck takes off his own clown mask, revealing the clown make-up underneath, and casually strolls away, happy with the trouble he’s caused. This new video seems to continue from that footage, as Arthur celebrates his feat with a post-crime cigarette while police officers run past him, oblivious to the role he played in this incident.

In previously released images, Arthur’s gang of clown-masked activists can be seen holding up protest signs displaying such confrontational captions as “Kill the Rich” and “Blame Wayne,” not to mention “Clown4Mayor.” This suggests that the Joker will become an unlikely hero to the underprivileged people of Gotham City, though there’s a very good chance that he’ll ultimately do more harm than good.

In any case, with Thomas Wayne previously being described as a Trump-like business magnate, it seems pretty clear by now that the Todd Phillips-helmed flick has some socio-political commentary in mind, most likely channelling the frustration of the 99%. In these tense and divided times, it’s easy to imagine the Joker becoming an agent of chaos who taps into this frustration in a way that could cause the city to descend into anarchy.

This is mostly speculation, of course, but we’ll see what Arthur Fleck really has in store for Gotham when Joker comes out on October 4th, 2019.

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