Joaquin Phoenix Looks Hauntingly Happy In Latest Joker Photo


While Warner Brothers is keeping a lot of Joker under wraps, the Todd Phillips-directed film’s shaping up to be unlike any comic book movie we’ve ever seen. With that said, we’re hoping that the Clown Prince of Crime gets his second Oscar nomination (and possible win) under the wings of Joaquin Phoenix.

Phoenix is one of the most dedicated and compelling actors working today, so it goes without saying that his take on the character will surely be special. And given the fact that we’re talking about the Joker of all people, it’ll probably be truly creepy as well.

In their catalogue of must-see movies this fall, USA Today unveiled a brand new photo that adds validity to that statement. And you can check it out for yourself down below.

This fresh look at Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck is the latest to tease at the Walk the Line star’s highly-anticipated performance. And though most of the public will have to wait until the film hits theaters on October 4th, Joker will be making its premiere at the Venice Film Festival, and screen once again at the Toronto International Film Festival (where Phoenix will also be receiving the Tribute Actor Award) in September.

Speculation over the film’s success has been running rampant ever since the first official trailer dropped in early April. Given that Phillips seems to be tapping into the gritty crime world of Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver and Raging Bull (complete with a supporting role for Robert De Niro), we can only hope that Joker will be just as compelling and complex as those classics.