Joaquin Phoenix Will Star In Woody Allen’s Next Movie


Joaquin Phoenix has been working hard to put the career debacle that was I’m Still Here (and the bizarre fake rap career that preceded it) far behind him, focusing instead on high-profile, critically acclaimed dramatic roles. He was nominated for an Academy Award for 2012’s The Master, and followed that up with Spike Jonze’s Her. Next, he’ll be re-teaming with director Paul Thomas Anderson for this year’s Inherent Vice, and according to Deadline, will also be working with Woody Allen on the director’s next project.

As with all of Allen’s work, details are scarce, and we have absolutely no idea what it will be about. Production is expected to begin in July though, shortly after his latest movie, Magic in the Moonlight, hits theaters.

Lately, Allen has been on a role (let’s just forget about To Rome With Love), with acclaimed films like Midnight in Paris and Blue Jasmine pleasing moviegoers and critics alike. As a fan of both his and Phoenix’s work, I’m excited to see them work together, despite not knowing anything at all about the film. With Phoenix on board though, I’m sure that we’ll soon start to hear of additional A-list talent signing on. As is the case with most of Allen’s movies, I’m expecting a great cast for this one.

Tell us, are you excited by the prospect of Joaquin Phoenix teaming up with Woody Allen? Sound off below!

Source: Deadline