Jodie Foster Not Yet Official On Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium

Last month everything seemed to be coming together on Neill Blomkamp’s next film to follow his debut District 9, Elysium. Matt Damon and Sharlto Copley were confirmed and then Jodie Foster, supposedly, joined and then Sony put in $120 million for distribution. Now things have taken a step back, in talking to Empire Magazine, Jodie Foster has said that her role in the film isn’t finalized… yet.

She has said that, although she is involved nothing is really moving forward at any real pace:

Actually, I’m not on that movie! I don’t know how that got out there. Well, I’m not not on it, but I’m not booked or involved in a deal yet. People want to jump the gun on Neill because he’s the new David Fincher or whatever. And I get why – I love him and District 9 was my favourite film of 2009. But we’re just not at that time in the process yet…

So maybe there has just been preliminary talks, but from what she says at the end of that statement implies that there isn’t much past the scripting stage. If the screenplay was still being written this makes a lot of sense, considering how little we’ve heard about it so far, but it appears that things are moving slowly. However this is one I am looking forward to, Blomkamp has potentially 3 dynamite cast members and District 9 was a brilliant debut feature, I think it won’t be long before Foster cuts a deal to be in the movie.

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