Joe Carnahan Spills First Plot Details On The Raid Remake


Filming on Joe Carnahan’s remake of The Raid may begin as soon as next month, according to the man himself.

Per Collider, Carnahan spoke at length about his version of the high-octane action thriller and, perhaps more importantly, how it’ll stand on its own two feet, independent from the original classic put out into the world by Gareth Edwards. All we know for sure is that Carnahan and his team – Frank Grillo included, who’s expected to lead the line as a special forces operative – face a tall order if they’re to match The Raid of 2011.

But as Carnahan tells Collider, the plot will revolve around Grillo’s character and his quest to find his missing brother – a brother he thought to be dead for four long years.

You meet Frank’s character having just rotated back from a really, really, brutal special forces operation. He’s got soft tissue damage in his hands, and his rotator cuff is blown out, and they take fluid off his knees, and the doctors basically tell him, ‘Listen you’re at the razor’s edge of PTSD and you need three months of just nothing, some R&R, because you’re jacked up.’ And in that space, he gets the message that his brother, who he thought had been dead for four years, is actually alive and working for a very bad guy in Caracas, and in 18 hours they’re gonna kill his brother.

The Raid

That sounds… intense. Truth be told, many were beginning to fear that The Raid of 2019 had stalled in development, and its chances of seeing the warm light of day had started to fade. And fade fast. But today brings good news: Carnahan and Grillo remain committed to the cause, and providing everything goes according to plan, they should have the cameras rolling sometime next month.

Carnahan continued:

These forces are gonna descend and murder the bad guy and murder the brother, so do you wanna go and get your brother, who you thought is dead? Do you want that opportunity? So that’s where we start. I want the entire movie to feel like the knife fight between Adam Goldberg and the German in Saving Private Ryan. Everything.

Filming on The Raid is expected to commence next month and we’ll be bringing you all the latest details as Carnahan’s remake falls into place. The question, really, is whether it’ll retain the same breakneck action sequences that made the 2011 original so special…

Source: The Collider