Joe Carnahan’s Script For The Uncharted Movie Is Now Complete


It’s been a long and winding road for Sony’s live-action adaptation of the hit video game series Uncharted. For several years now the studio’s been trying to get it off the ground and so far, there hasn’t been a ton of progress made on it. That’s due in part to the revolving door of directors that have flirted with the project. From David O. Russell to Neil Burger and even Seth Gordon, several filmmakers have come and gone.

Now, Shawn Levy is attached to helm, and it looks like this time, things will stick. On writing duty is Joe Carnahan, best known for his gritty reboot of The A-Team and the excellent Liam Neeson vs. wolves film, The Grey, and earlier this week, he took to Instagram to announce that he’s finally completed the script. It wasn’t just any old announcement, either, as Carnahan threw a little hype into the caption, calling it a “monstrously cool action script” and describing it as a “beast.”

“Done and Dusted. Now the REAL work begins. If there’s a more monstrously cool action script in Hollywood right now, I wanna read it, ‘cuz this thing is a BEAST.”

While we’re happy to see how enthusiastic the writer/director is about his work, we aren’t completely sold just yet. After all, video game adaptations, as we’ve seen over and over again, never turn out well. Last year’s Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed were supposed to change all that, but both flopped and now we’re left hoping that perhaps Uncharted will be the one to break the curse. Either that or the upcoming Tomb Raider film.

With no one cast in the lead role yet (Mark Wahlberg was attached for years, but recently departed), it’s still too early to say how this one will turn out. Carnahan and Levy are a promising team though and with any luck, they’ll deliver a worthy adaptation of the Uncharted series.