Joe Dante Brings Out The Undead In First Clip For Burying The Ex

burying the ex

When will the zombie craze subside? According to our calculations: never. “If it ain’t broke” seems to be the sole reason in the current climate for perpetuating tales of the undead. One such sub-genre which has oddly enough flourished is the zombie comedy – aka the zom-com. First there was Warm Bodies, then Life After Beth, and now we’ve got the first clip from Burying The Ex.

Before you roll your eyes and click away, wait! There’s hope for this little gem – it’s directed by the man who brought us Gremlins, Joe Dante. It might not be the eighties anymore, and his recent output has shied away from obvious ghoul fests, but this could mark his return to the genre which made him famous.

Teaming up with indie kid Anton Yelchin, who battled against the supernatural in Dean Koontz adap Odd Thomas, looks like it was a wise decision. The talented actor has yet to break out in a big way, which means he’s still batting away at a ton of awesome little flicks.

This first clip is a brief exchange between Yelchin’s character Max and his undead ex-girlfriend (Ashley Greene) who has returned from the grave. Those pesky zombies are always turning up at the most inconvenient times, and for Max it’s right as he’s finally moved on and met someone else (Alexandra Daddario). The clip is only a minute long, but the jaunty score and a skittish Yelchin make it a fun watch.

Burying The Ex debuted this week at the Venice Film Festival, so expect a release date announcement soon.

Burying The Ex follows Max (Yelchin), an all-around nice guy, and his overbearing but incredibly beautiful girlfriend, Evelyn (Greene). Their relationship takes a nosedive after they decide to move in together and Evelyn turns out to be a controlling, manipulative nightmare. Max knows it’s time to call it quits, but there’s just one problem: he’s terrified of breaking up with her. Fate steps in when Evelyn is involved in a freak accident and dies, leaving Max single and ready to mingle. Max eventually meets Olivia (Daddario), a cute and spirited girl who just might be his soul mate, only to learn that Evelyn has risen from her grave and is determined to get her boyfriend back…even if that means turning him into one of the undead.