Joe Manganiello Wants To Play Batman After The Dark Knight Rises

While talking to Ain’t It Cool News to promote his new film Magic Mike, actor Joe Manganiello expressed an interest in playing Batman once Warner Bros. decides to reboot the series.

After Christopher Nolan releases his final film in the trilogy on July 20th, Warner Bros. will be looking to reboot the franchise in order to include Batman as a part of their Justice League film. Of course, this means that they’ll need a new Bruce Wayne, as Christian Bale has said that The Dark Knight Rises will be his last outing as the Caped Crusader.

So, where should the studio look? Well, Mr. Manganiello would be a good place to start. After almost grabbing the lead role in Warner Brothers’ Man of Steel, the Superman reboot, the studio is surely looking at him to play either Batman or another superhero in the Justice League film.

When asked if he anticipated being brought in for the Batman reboot, the actor said:

“From your mouth to God’s ears, man. I mean of course, I grew up, as a kid, I read comic books, and I watched every single comic book movie that ever… You know, I was a big sci-fi fan, I was just that kid. I’m a fanboy at heart. So, yeah, that is on my radar.”

In another recent interview, Manganiello brought up the superhero thing again, stating that he still wants to play one. It looks like missing out on Man of Steel really got to the actor. Can you blame him?

But, if he was on the studio’s radar for Zack Snyder‘s upcoming reboot, then they may come knocking on his door again for the Batman reboot.

What do you think? Can True Blood‘s hottest werewolf successfully pull off Batman?

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