Joel Edgerton To Make Directorial Debut With Weirdo

Joel Edgerton‘s career as an actor has been rapidly gaining momentum. Now, it seems that he’ll follow the lead of so many other great actors as he moves behind the camera with the psychological thriller Weirdo.

The Australian actor revealed his plans to direct the movie in an interview with Cinema Blend, but he declined to reveal any plot details. He also isn’t sure on any time frame for the film, but said it is “something that I want to make, if I can, next year.”

Edgerton has already had experience as a writer, having written the 2008 film The Square, and a handful of shorts, but this will be his first venture into directing a feature film.

Edgerton has really impressed me as an actor, with an absolutely phenomenal performance in Warrior, and a very enjoyable one in The Thing. Sadly, quality acting doesn’t always translate to quality directing. It is especially challenging if he is to act in the movie too, as well as direct. Hopefully he is able to overcome those challenges though and give us a quality film.

I’m always game for another psychological thriller and being that Edgerton is becoming one of my favorite actors I am definitely excited to see what he can do. But what do you think? Is Weirdo something you’ll be looking forward to?

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