Joel Edgerton Joins Black Mass With Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp now has a co-star in the form of Joel Edgerton for the upcoming Whitey Bulger biopic, Black Mass. Detailing the life story of the Boston crime boss, the film will have Depp starring as Bulger while Edgerton will play John Connolly, “an FBI agent and childhood pal of Bulger tasked with bringing down the Italian mob, but instead helped out his pal and eventually paid the price.”

This is another huge score for Edgerton, who has seen his profile rise considerably ever since 2010’s Animal Kingdom. In recent years, he’s had solid roles in films like Warrior, Zero Dark Thirty, Wish You Were Here and The Great Gatsby. He’s quickly turning into one of Hollywood’s most sought after leading men and his role in Black Mass will no doubt add another impressive credit to his resume.

I’m not too familiar with Whitey Bulger or his story, but the talent attached to this film does give me faith that it will be a great crime flick. Admittedly, the last time Johnny Depp flirted with the crime/gangster genre (which was in Michael Mann’s Public Enemies), the results were underwhelming. Hopefully he fares better this time, though I’m sure we have nothing to worry about.

The Barry Levinson-directed film will start production once Depp is finished his work on Transcendence. We expect to hear more casting news in the near future but for now, tell us, what do you think of Joel Edgerton joining Black Mass? Let us know in the comments below.