Joel Edgerton Joins Jeff Nichols’ New Sci-Fi Film

Joel Edgerton

Joel Edgerton has been slowly but surely making his mark in Hollywood. He had a powerful role in Zero Dark Thirty, another two in Animal Kingdom and The Great Gatsby, and he’ll be starring in the upcoming Jane Got A Gun. Now he’s arranging to work with director Jeff Nichols (Mud, Take Shelter) for an as-yet-untitled sci-fi project that also stars Michael Shannon.

The project has been kept so under wraps that we are not even certain of the title. So far the only description of the film is that it’s ‘a present day sci-fi chase film,’ which sounds cool but could mean anything. Nichols is a primarily indie filmmaker, but he’s gained notoriety recently with both Mud and the Michael Shannon-starring Take Shelter. Whatever this film looks like, it will be interesting to see his take on the sci-fi genre.

Joel Edgerton has made some interesting choices in his career so far. He’s been around for awhile, but only really surfaced in the American cinematic consciousness recently, following Animal Kingdom, the ultimate fighting movie Warrior and especially Zero Dark Thirty. He’s no stranger to sci-fi either, having appeared in the ill-starred horror prequel The Thing.

While he does have several big budget films under his belt – he apparently appeared in Star Wars Episode II and III, but I don’t remember him – Edgerton seems to stick with interesting films over ones that will pull in a big paycheck. The combination of him and Michael Shannon is an intriguing idea and one that I am sure will work out well.

There is no word as yet when the Nichols project will start shooting, or who else might be interested in playing a part. I, for one. am looking forward to some updates concerning plot or at least a general idea of the film beyond simply ‘sci-fi chase film.’ I mean, are we talking Blade Runner or I, Robot? These are questions that need answering.