Joel Edgerton To Star In The Great Gatsby


The role of Tom Buchanan in the upcoming remake of The Great Gatsby has gone to Joel Edgerton after deliberation by the film’s director, Baz Luhrmann. Edgerton is accepting a part that was going to go to Ben Affleck before his commitment to star and direct Argo got in the way.

The Australian actor is joining an all-star cast for The Great Gatsby that includes Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby, Tobey Maguire as Nick Caraway, Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan, Isla Fisher as Myrtle (Tom’s mistress), and fellow newbie Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki as Jordan Baker. Edgerton’s imposing physiognomy is partly why his being chosen to play Tom is so eccentric.  However, Luhrmann personally described why Edgerton was the right man:

“In casting Tom one had to find an actor who could credibly be (as Fitzgerald describes him) ‘one of the most powerful ends that ever played football at New Haven,’ had five-star acting chops and in the big dramatic showdown scenes between Gatsby and Tom, hold the screen against Leonardo DiCaprio, in the appropriate age group. Any wonder, it has been a long and thorough journey. The simple truth is that Joel came into our rehearsal space in New York and fulfilled all of the above criteria, and then some.”

Edgerton’s star is certainly rising but do you think he’s the right man for the job?

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