Joel Edgerton Knows He Did It In First US Trailer For Felony


Although the crime thriller Felony premiered in its native Australia (as well as premiering at last year’s TIFF), the United States have still not been favored with the film, which stars Joel Edgerton, Tom Wilkinson, and Jai Courtney. This has at last been remedied, and we’re finally going to see it stateside in October. Before then though, we have to be reminded what it’s about, hence a US trailer that introduces us to the players in what looks like a complicated game.

Felony stars Edgerton as decorated cop Malcolm Toohey, who becomes involved in a tragic accident that puts a young boy in a coma. He’s not quite certain what happened (the trailer makes it look like perhaps he was driving home having had one too many), but his superior Carl Summer (Tom Wilkinson) decides to cover up the truth. Enter Courtney as Jim Melic, a cop trying to uncover the truth and getting himself in deeper than he perhaps thought.

The trailer gives us the basic plot and introduces us to our three main characters, already establishing a state of war between the three detectives. Felony at least has the look of a complex psychological drama, with Edgerton playing both hero and villain as he comes to realize the enormity of what he’s done, but it is Wilkinson (as always) who shines as a cop trying to protect his own. Both Edgerton and Wilkinson are dependable actors; Courtney has yet to impress, but that’s not saying that he won’t. Maybe this role is exactly what the doctor ordered to put him on the map. Based on this trailer, the film looks intriguing enough to at least merit a streaming purchase.

Felony will premiere in the US on VOD October 16, and then in theaters on October 17. You can watch the latest US trailer below.