Joel Kinnaman Joining Child 44 With Tom Hardy And Noomi Rapace

The buzz surrounding the upcoming RoboCop reboot, starring Joel Kinnaman, isn’t great. Admittedly, the film is still almost a year away and a lot can change between then and now but from what we’ve been hearing, things aren’t looking too bright. And so, Kinnaman, who broke out on AMC’s The Killing, looks to be booking gigs for the future just in case things don’t pan out in his first chance to lead a Hollywood blockbuster.

Earlier this week he joined Liam Neeson’s All Nighter (a bad choice) and today, he’s joining Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace in Child 44 (a good choice). The film will also reunite him with his Easy Money director, Daniel Espinosa.

For those unfamiliar with Child 44, it follows “a disgraced MGB agent (Hardy) in the Stalin-era Soviet Union investigating a prolific child murderer who may have connections going to the very top of the party leadership.” Details on Kinnaman’s role aren’t plentiful but we do know that he will be Hardy’s nemesis, which sounds good to us.

As mentioned above, hearing that Kinnaman would be joining All Nighter puzzled me. The film sounds like another recycled and rehashed action vehicle for Liam Neeson that will probably be just about as bland and uninspired as Taken 2Child 44 though, well that film has considerably more potential. For one, it’d be very hard to muck up a film with talent as strong as Hardy and Rapace leading and secondly, Kinnaman worked well with Espinosa on Easy Money and it will be nice to see them working together again.

Production will get underway this Summer for a 2014 release. As always, we’ll keep you posted when we hear more on Child 44. For now though, head down to the comments and let us know what you think of Joel Kinnaman joining the film. Are you excited to see him working with Daniel Espinosa again?