Joel Kinnaman Joins Liam Neeson In All Nighter

Joel Kinnaman, who broke out with AMC’s The Killing and is looking to propel his fame with the upcoming RoboCop reboot, which has some seriously negative buzz surrounding it, is joining the upcoming action thriller All Nighter.

Set to star Liam Neeson, the film will be helmed by Jaume Collet-Serra, who also directed Neeson in Unknown and is working with the actor again on Non-Stop. The story, unfortunately, sounds a bit flat and almost identical to several other films starring the newly found action star. Neeson will play “a mob hitman who has to take on his boss, protect his family and go on the run from the authorities with his estranged son, all in a single night.” Seems like pretty run of the mill work for the actor, right?

To me, this just sounds like more mindless crap that will probably follow in the same vein as the dreadful Taken 2. Neeson has the chops to pull off action roles, but he’s been making some pretty bad career choices lately. UnknownTaken 2Battleship, it seems like he just keeps making dud after dud.

As for Kinnaman, he’ll play Neeson’s son in the film, which was previously titled Run All Night. Though we’re eagerly awaiting RoboCop to see if Kinnaman is really a worthy leading man, we’ll say that he’s pretty damn good in The Killing and while it’s a bit disheartening to see him joining garbage like this, the role will likely give his profile an even larger boost, since Neeson is a pretty big boxoffice draw.

Still, Joel Kinnaman is a good actor and if RoboCop bombs, which it might, he’s going to need a strong follow up. Something tells me that All Nighter isn’t that.

What do you think? Happy to see Joel Kinnaman joining the film? Do you care to see another film with Liam Neeson playing the same character that he has for his past several outings?