Joel Silver To Take Sanctuary

No, Joel Silver hasn’t fallen through a time rift and into a scenario that sees him hiding out from a group of hooded bandits in the safety of a cathedral, but the producer is looking to the past for inspiration with his next movie, which he describes as “a cross between Blade and Wanted” – two movies Silver happens to have a little history with (and if you care, you can look that up on your own, thank you very much).

Anyway, Sanctuary is said to be based around a secret Vatican organization who take in possessed men and women and train them to fight against the forces of evil whilst also harnessing their demons, presumably with crossbows and wooden stakes but more than likely with technology-enhanced versions of those weapons.

So the comparions to Blade are kind of obvious to point out, given that the titular character in that movie harnessed his own demons to fight against the forces of darkness. And then there’s the influence of Wanted, which we’ll presume translates as the movie won’t be very memorable and will rely on an overabundance of special effects and Morgan Freeman’s presence to carry it through. Maybe that’s too harsh. No Morgan Freeman, then. No word as to when this supernatural thriller will magic its way into production as no dates have been set, but we can tell you that a man named Alan Trezza wrote Sanctuary and it’s his first produced screenplay. Congrats, Alan, this one goes out to you, hotshot.

Source: ScreenRant

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