Did John Boyega Just Confirm A Luke/Leia Reunion In Star Wars: The Last Jedi?


Though we assume it’s got to happen, we still don’t know for sure that Luke and Leia will appear on screen together in Star Wars: The Last Jedi – in what would be the first time since 1983’s Return of the Jedi. A new interview with one of the movie’s stars, however, hints that we do have a family reunion to look forward to in the highly anticipated Episode VIII.

John Boyega was chatting to The Hollywood Reporter recently when he spoke about how The Last Jedi will deal with wrapping up Leia’s story, seeing as it will be the iconic character’s final appearance in the franchise following Carrie Fisher’s tragic death last December. We might be reading too much into it, but his reply might just hint that the two Skywalker siblings will reunite in the movie.

“I think the sendoff is really cool. Even before she passed away, I’d see her in scenes and be like, ‘This is really cool for both Carrie and Mark,’ who are the last two original leads [alive in the franchise].”

The key here is that Boyega immediately mentions Mark Hamill when talking about Carrie Fisher’s scenes in the film – heavily suggesting they’ll share the screen together. We could be barking up the wrong tree, of course, as it’s possible that Boyega is just comparing Hamill’s role in the film to Fisher’s, but there’s something about the actor’s wording here that leads us to think he means the former.

Boyega continued to say that he believes the old guard of the franchise will be treated in a way that the fans will really “appreciate” in the movie, stating:

“I felt like they deserve more and more — they’ve been doing this for a while and have been the beating heart of something special, and I just feel like [The Last Jedi] pays homage to them in general. But unfortunately, now that she’s passed, it does have a deeper meaning. I think the fans are going to appreciate that.”

Also starring Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac and many more, Star Wars: The Last Jedi arrives in theaters on December 15th.