John Boyega Reveals That He Wants To Play DC’s Red Hood

Red Hood

With Star Wars in his rearview mirror, it remains to be seen if John Boyega will hop into another major franchise to play a different iconic role. Fans often theorize what sort of superhero would be the best fit the Sequel Trilogy star, be it Marvel or DC, but the man himself has now made clear which character he’d love to have a go at, and it’s Batman anti-hero Red Hood.

It all started when the British actor waded into a debate fans were having over which DC superhero he should play. Given the recent news that Static Shock movie is on the way, someone suggested Boyega should be cast as Virgil Hawkins. He correctly pointed out that he’s too old for that character, however.

Someone else then responded that he should portray John Stewart’s Green Lantern. Boyega didn’t seem too keen on that idea either, though, and finally revealed his own personal pick, which you can see below.


As any Bat-fan knows, Red Hood is the second alter ego of former Robin Jason Todd, who re-emerged as a gun-toting vigilante as an adult after being thought killed by the Joker as a teen. Now that he mentions it, Boyega would actually be an amazing fit for the part. Sure, some comic book loyalists would no doubt have a problem with it, given that Jason is typically portrayed as Caucasian, but thankfully we’re at a time now where that’s becoming less of an issue.

As far as we know, there aren’t any plans to bring Red Hood to the DCEU in the near future, though maybe he could turn up in one of the sequels to The Batman. Could we eventually have a black Robin decades after Tim Burton originally intended to cast the character that way in his Batman movies? If so, John Boyega might be the best guy for the gig.