John Boyega Says Working On Star Wars: The Last Jedi Was Like Coming Home


He’s attacked the block (or should that be defended?) and watched as a dormant force sprung back to life, but for his latest gig, John Boyega is headed to the war-torn streets of Detroit for Kathryn Bigelow’s unflinching true-life drama.

Now playing in theatres opposite The Dark Tower, the fact that the actor is out doing press for the star-studded flick can only mean one thing for Star Wars fans – Boyega is about to be hounded about his role in Rian Johnson’s upcoming sequel, The Last Jedi.

And sure enough, Entertainment Weekly caught up with the rising star to discuss his ongoing part in that galaxy far, far away. On board to reprise as Finn, who was last seen nursing a nasty injury following his encounter with Kylo Ren aboard Starkiller base, Boyega recalled the difference between shooting The Last Jedi and The Force Awakens, noting that the sequel felt like he was “coming home.”

 “The second one was like coming home in a strange way going through a weird déjà vu, but this time you’re more comfortable. You’re settled in your character and you’re ready to go, but it was definitely different because now you’re known as Finn and there’s Rey and you’re just part of the culture in a strange way.”

Further in the interview, Boyega touched on his audition process, recalling that it was in the humor of Finn that he really found his niche.

“During the auditions I found that my niche for this character was definitely in the more humor and fear,” says Boyega. “So he just represents us in the film — just finally having a Star Wars character that goes, ‘This is really dangerous.’ Finn is a part of myself, just magnified a tad. And it was fun to do that. It was just hilarious because while Rey is handling all the stress of life, I get to just run around and do all the cool stuff and say all the cool lines and have fun.”

Following in the footsteps of The Force Awakens and Rogue OneStar Wars: The Last Jedi will cordially invite moviegoers back to the Skywalker saga on December 15th of this year, and it may well herald a change of heart for Mark Hamill’s Luke.

Source: EW