John Boyega Debunks Common Star Wars: The Last Jedi Fan Theory


There are countless fan theories roaming the internet concerning what might happen in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. One of those that seemed the most believable though was that Finn might join Rey in training to be a Jedi. After all, the former Stormtrooper showed some proficiency with a lightsaber when he fought Kylo Ren at the end of The Force Awakens.

Apparently, that’s just not going to happen, though. While chatting with Digital Spy, John Boyega was asked if he would like to see Finn explore the ways of the Force, and explained that he would rather follow in the footsteps of beloved Star Wars characters who aren’t Force-sensitive.

“Would I like to be a Jedi? I think it would be more interesting if they had more than one person be a Jedi – but I think that that is the one of the unspoken laws of Star Wars. They only have one who has to go away and train. … I hope it takes an interesting turn; not in terms of being a Jedi, but there are loads more stronger characters in the Star Wars universe that can go up against Jedi and they don’t necessarily have to be a Jedi. I would like to explore that more; the whole Boba Fett vibe. I would like to explore that for Finn, but who knows?”

Boyega has a point: you don’t need Force powers to be considered a fan favourite character in the Star Wars universe. Apart from Boba Fett, Han Solo also springs to mind. Speaking of which, while Finn’s arc is mostly unique for the franchise, there are certain similarities with the development of Harrison Ford’s smuggler. Like Solo, Finn began The Force Awakens outside of the Resistance but over time joined their ranks and became a hero.

Finn’s continuing feeling of unease at being part of the organization he was meant to fight will continue in The Last Jedi. Boyega previously revealed that his goal in the movie will be to run away from the whole conflict with the First Order. This is complicated though when he’s sent on a mission for the Resistance, alongside Kelly Marie Tran’s Rose, to track down Benecio Del Toro’s codebreaker DJ.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15th.