John Carpenter Is Currently Hard At Work Scoring Halloween


The one, the only, the classic…Halloween!

It’s going on 40 years (!) since John Carpenter scared the pants off us with his seminal horror movie, and this October, it’s returning to theaters – albeit with a twist.

Headed up by Blumhouse and director David Gordon Green, the Halloween of 2018 is a direct continuation of Carpenter’s original classic that skates around the continuity established in previous sequels – no Laurie Strode death from Resurrection, and definitely no sibling subplot between her and Michael Myers.

That offers up a relatively blank slate for Green and his writing team, and we understand their horror sequel will tweak Halloween‘s ending ever so slightly so that Michael Myers wound up in police custody on that fateful night in 1978. And Carpenter? He’s back composing the score for Blumhouse’s follow-up, and has even posted a new status report via Twitter to confirm that, yes, things are coming along nicely.

His involvement ensures that Halloween still honors the original classic, and if you’ve seen the sequel’s creepy first teaser, you’ll know that David Gordon Green is going the extra mile to ensure that Halloween is scary, yes, but also deeply nostalgic, as he prepares to beckon viewers back to Haddonfield after all these years.

Carpenter, meanwhile, is composing the film’s score alongside his wife, Sandy King, and shared a photo of their little helper to prove it:

And based on that aforementioned trailer, Michael Myers’ night of terror, in which he slaughtered three teenagers, opened up a major void within the heart of Haddonfield, and we imagine the local town has never truly recovered from those horrific killings. Myers, meanwhile, is gearing up for round two.

Halloween haunts Haddonfield (and our dreams!) on October 19th.

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