John Carpenter Never Gets Tired Of The Halloween Theme


When you’re discussing the most iconic themes in cinematic history, there’s undoubtedly a few choice selections that’ll make anybody’s short list. Naturally, one may bring up John Williams’ work on Star Wars or Superman: The Movie, or Danny Elfman’s contributions to Batman. But when it comes to the horror genre, there’s one piece that arguably reigns supreme – and that’s the one from John Carpenter’s Halloween.

As you’ve surely heard, after nine years away from the screen, the franchise is now set to return on its 40th anniversary with a new movie to be released in 2018. That unkillable boogeyman Michael Myers will be back once again and, best of all, so will Jamie Lee Curtis as his perennial would-be victim Laurie Strode.

But they’re not the only ones set to return, as Carpenter is heading back to the series, too, though not in a directing capacity. Rather, he’ll be working on the music for the film, which is arguably just as exciting. He revealed the news to Billboard in a recent interview and also spoke about the iconic theme itself. When asked if he ever gets tired of it, he replied with the following:

“No, no. It’s fun. And you know, in the years in between recording that while making the movie and then moving onto something else, I had never played it. Now I’m playing it again — or at least someone who looks a lot like me and is named Cody plays it and I play the bass line.”

While not a revealing quote by any means, it’s nice to hear that Carpenter still hasn’t tired of the theme and it’s safe to say that everyone’s looking forward to his work on the highly anticipated project, which is quickly coming together now ahead of its release next year.

As far as plot details go, unfortunately, they’ve been hard to come by. From what we understand, though, the film will be a direct sequel to the original, disregarding Halloweens 2-8 and Rob Zombie’s mid-2000s reboot. This indicates that they’re eager to shed some of the baggage that’s built up around Laurie and Michael’s various encounters over the course of the franchise. Beyond that, however, it’s hard to say what exactly this new pic will entail.

What we do know, though, is that Halloween stars Jamie Lee Curtis, with Judy Greer in talks to play Laurie’s daughter, Karen Strode. David Gordon Green is directing and it’s set to slash its way into cinemas on October 19th, 2018. Which, by the way, is a release date that producer Jason Blum swears by.